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Police rebuke Irfaan Ali

Commissioner of Police, Leslie James …debunks claims of political interference, favouritism …urges ranks to remain apolitical, resist direct appeals from politicians THE Guyana Police Force, on Wednesday, denounced statements made by the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Presidential Candidate, Irfaan Ali, in his attempt to outline plans for ‘men and women in uniform.’

The Police Force said a newspaper article titled ‘Presidential Candidate Irfaan Ali details plans for ‘men and women in uniform,’ implies among other things that ranks were experiencing political interference, favoritism in career path and advancement. The article suggests too that policemen and women are being made to use obsolete equipment to execute their duties while operating under poor conditions, and are provided with limited support for their families and community among others.

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“It is apposite to note that the Guyana Police Force has embarked on a reform programme and is currently engaged in the implementation of a Three-Year Strategic Management Plan 2019/2021, which is a continuation of a previous Five-Year Strategic Management Plan,” it said in a statement on Wednesday.

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It noted too that the implementation of the Strategic Management Plan is guided by five (5) pillars – operational priorities, human development, partnerships, performance and infrastructure. These pillars, it explained, are designed and intended to ensure the realisation of a professional, accountable and modern Police Force.

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“As regards, Operational Priorities, the Force received a number of vehicles and other operational modernized equipment to bolster operational capacity and to enhance efficiency in service delivery. Further, the recently highlighted CCTV Camera System which is a part of the SAFE CITY PROJECT will contribute immensely in the fight against criminal activities. Additionally, the Mounted Branch of the Force is also decentralized to fight crime,” the Police Force said.

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PPP Presidential Candidate, Irfaan Ali The Force said it now has Human Resource Departments in each Police Division, and capacity building of ranks is continuous through professional, technical, specialist and tertiary levels of training

It pointed out that between the periods 2014-2019, hundreds of ranks obtained higher education from the Certificate to the Masters Level from the University of Guyana and other institutions of higher learning

The Police Force disclosed too that it has an active Group Health Insurance and a Mortgage Relief Programme for the rank and file. “The Force has a Human Resource Development Plan, and policies have been formulated to address critical human resource issues such as promotion and appraisal. Further, a Human Resource Strategy has been developed to ensure requisite training for ranks, delivery of professional services, review of terms and conditions of work, and accurate measurement of performance, including monitoring and evaluation,” it further outlined

The Guyana Police Force has also established the Strategic Planning Unit, the Occupational Health and Safety Unit, and the Divisional Complaints Units, among others to optimise its efficiency and effectiveness. Added to that, it said that a number of police stations have been refurbished and others are being refurbished at present. The police stations, it stressed, are equipped with the requisite resources to execute their mandate efficiently and effectively

“The Electronic Data Management System (EDMS) was implemented to efficiently store and manage crime data. Recently, the police data management capabilities were further enhanced with the introduction of the Police Records Management Information System (PRMIS) that serves as a criminal records database,” it stated. At present, the Guyana Police Force is realigning its Divisional Boundaries with the existing Administrative Regions where additional Divisional Headquarters are being constructed

In addition, the construction of a new Training Facility at Dora, Soesdyke, Linden Highway is also underway

“The Force has several Community Action Councils and Social Crime Prevention Projects with Community Relations Officers in all the Police Divisions. These are intended to foster direct relationships with the citizenry, agencies and other formal bodies. At present, the Force engages communities through ‘Face the Community Meetings&rsquo;, the facilitating of Job-Skills Training for At-Risk and Under-privileged Youths, and conducting Medical Outreach within Police Divisions across the country,” it outlined

In its defense, the Police Force said it has a Performance Assessment Plan in place which was introduced to boost and to assess its performance to ensure accountability and professionalism. To this end, it said all Divisional and Branch Commanders and other key Department Heads meet fortnightly, where strategies are examined for operational efficiency and general results-based management. These are all in keeping with international best practices

“In addition to the foregoing issues and guided by the Police Act Chapter 16:01, ranks of the Guyana Police Force are reminded of the critical role they play in society. They are also encouraged to embrace professionalism at all times during the execution of their duties. Further, they are also reminded of the importance of remaining apolitical so that their decision-making capabilities are not blurred. Moreover, any direct appeals as highlighted in the press statements are to be resisted,” Police Force said