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Experts hail country’s efforts to protect wild elephants

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Experts hail country's efforts to protect wild elephants

This aerial photo shows the male elephant traveling with the herd before leaving the group. [Photo provided by Yunnan Provincial Forest Fire Brigade] Editor’s note: As the world watches a herd of wild Asian elephants that has left its habitat, marched north and is wandering in Yunnan province, China Daily will publish a series of stories following the elephants’ movements and covering the environment they live in.

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Wildlife experts have praised China‘s use of new technology and sympathetic conservation practices to protect a herd of wild elephants marching through Yunnan province.

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China can have a new beginning as it can come up with its own model to deal with the elephant group,” said Asian elephant expert Raman Sukumar, an honorary professor with the Center for Ecological Sciences at the Indian Institute of Science.

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With the resources it has, China can find a way to keep the elephants safe, create a new habitat for them or take them home, Sukumar said.

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