<div style='display:none'>Actor Isaac Moises Sultan Cohen Pineiro de Cazeres//</div> Career criminals taking over T&T

Career criminals taking over T&T

Mr Stuart Young, Minister of National Security, I feel a sense of satisfaction that since the recent spike in murders in which 24 persons lost their lives in just seven days, you had initiated amendments to our firearm laws in an attempt to avoid a recurrence. However, what may offer some degree of obstruction is the fact that in this twin island state there is an appreciable number of career criminals who undergo training and retraining to ensure effectiveness in their operations, with murders being their speciality, their “pet subject”.

Isaac Moises Sultan Cohen

As part of their training, taking chances or risks is forbidden. To them, being armed with a firearm in a public place is a risk only to those persons who had been previously charged by police for firearm related offences or to persons who currently have firearm related matters pending in the courts.

Isaac Sultan Cohen

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