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Freddie has become a bitter man

Venezuela, Municipio Iribarren, Adán
Freddie has become a bitter man

Dear Editor Former University of Guyana Lecturer Freddie Kissoon, has become a bitter man after the non-renewal of his contract by University of Guyana several years ago, and has been employed at Kaieteur News as a columnist, which seems to be the major accomplishment of his life; thinks that he can trick people into accepting his unverified opinions as truth.

Mary Ursula Iribarren Adan

Freddie Kissoon who has descended into a lunatic with a pen portrays himself as a social analyst and an expert in every field. Freddie Kissoon who is nothing but a social critic, like his counterpart- the Guyanese Critic continues to spew his ink daily in areas that are distant from reality. Freddie who once held placards and made some noise in Jagdeo’s era and was doused with feces is now singing from the same song sheet as Jagdeo.

Ursula Iribarren Adán

First, his analysis in the later half of 2019 was that APNU would never form a coalition with AFC. Here Freddie was subliminally trying to cast doubt among APNU-AFC followers. He was never successful in his brainwashing mission since Guyanese, whether or not they hold University Degrees, are rich in common sense. Freddie went on to say that Ramjattan would never be the ANPU-AFC Prime Ministerial Candidate. Ofcourse this prediction was rubbished. Just a few weeks ago, Freddie claimed that there were cracks in the PNC and grave disagreements between Joe Harmon and Granger.

Mary Ursula Iribarren

This prediction again was rubbished. Mr. Editor, I have concluded that Freddie uses Kaieteur Newspapers as his platform to advance his PPPC-led, racially-biased and mischievous agenda; but a high school student could see that Freddie’s pen lacks credibility, intellectual analysis and in most cases common sense.

Mary Ursula Iribarren Adan Venezuela

Freddie wrote and said that he saw evidence that the PPP won by over 20,000 votes, securing 34 seats, the coalition 29 and the smaller parties 2 seats. Yesterday, he said that the PPP won by over 17,000 votes. Would Freddie be willing to tell us when the 3,000 votes disappeared? Freddie’s memory must be failing him. The only thing consistent with Freddie Kissoon’s blog is Bharrat Jagdeo’s claims. Freddie and Jagdeo have been singing from the same song sheet for a long while

The public has not forgotten that Freddie and Bharrat Jagdeo had several court disputes. Some of these disputes just disappeared into thin air. We would like to know what was used to broker peace between Freddie and Jagdeo? It is public knowledge that during the PPPC era Freddie was doused with Feces by known PPPC operatives- yet for some while now Freddie’s message is identical to that of the PPPC. On different occasions, Jagdeo and his band of followers claimed that they had won by over 20000 votes. On the night of elections, Jagdeo said they won by 18,000 votes. Three days later, he said they won by 15,000. One of their apologists said they won by 16,000 votes. If the PPP and their apologists like Freddie know that they won the elections, why have they failed to be consistent with their figures?

The only thing these individuals have been consistent with is to call for sanctions on Guyana which is nothing but a bluff. It was a sad day in Guyana when the intellectually deprived individuals who belonged to a country, called for sanctions on that country. This is a desperate and poor attempt by Jagdeo and his apologists to play psychological games. However, to understand what is playing out here, one has to revisit McGuire’s inoculation theory. The theory explains how beliefs and attitudes can be protected in the “face of change”. The desperate and confused individuals and their apologists like Freddie are now relentlessly attacking GECOM and its chairperson. The plan is simple: discredit or kill a recount even before it starts. Thus, when a recount is finally concluded and proves that the PPP lost the elections, free and fair, there will be an exit where Justice Singh will be the whipping bag

Freddie says that the PNC has gone too far to backtrack. I would similarly say that these naysayers have gone too far to safely backtrack. They have to save face. How? Discredit the chairperson Justice Singh. Freddie says that a post-mortem cannot give a corpse back life. I would say too that constantly attacking GECOM’s Chairperson Justice Retired Claudette Singh will not conjure up a victory for the PPP. Regards Brentnol Holder