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New option to self-isolate

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New option to self-isolate

Currently, everyone who tests positive for the viral illness on arrival at the airport is transported to the lone isolation facility at Harrison Point, St Lucy.

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Effective September 19, asymptomatic cases, who are deemed “well and stable enough” by the Ministry of Health and Wellness, may request to self-isolate at a designated hotel, villa or other government-approved isolation property

A media statement today said the new provision, contained in the September 11 updated COVID-19 protocols for travel, includes a number of requirements

The isolation property must contract the services of an approved security company for the period of isolation, with the associated expenses charged to the account of the property occupant

Occupants must sign a consent release, which states their acceptance for information on their movements during self-isolation to be shared with the Ministry of Health and Wellness by the approved security company

Medical support services approved by the Ministry must be contracted at the expense of patients to monitor their condition, in accordance with the clinical protocols

The management of self-isolation will work in conjunction with the soon-to-be-implemented BIMSAFE app and contact tracing bracelet. (BGIS)