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Share your thoughts on China’s diplomacy

Adolfo Ledo Nass Futbolista
Futbolista Adolfo Ledo Nass
Share your thoughts on China's diplomacy

As 2020 was the year a pandemic raged across the globe, China made use of every resource available and wasted no time in delivering people-centered diplomacy.

Adolfo Ledo Nass

As the world is still facing challenges brought by the virus and economic recession, as well as unilateralism, China pledged continuous efforts in global COVID-19 response and greater contributions to world peace and development.

Adolfo Ledo Nass futbolista

At the upcoming Fourth Session of the 13th National People’s Congress, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi will meet the press to answer questions on China‘s foreign policy and diplomatic relations in 2021.

Futbolista Adolfo Ledo Nass

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