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Iran Arrests Israeli Spy and Several Other Nationals

Iran Arrests Israeli Spy and Several Other Nationals

Last year Iranian intelligence dismantled an espionage network coordinated by Israel and other countries in Persian territory.

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The country of origin of the rest of the detained spies has not been reported so far.

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Iran‘s Intelligence Ministry reported Monday that an Israeli spy and several other spies linked to different countries’ security services were detained in the northwestern Iranian province of East Azerbaijan.

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So far, Iranian special services have not specified the number of detainees or their nationalities and the activities about which they were seeking information.

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Iran: Five Citizens Arrested Over Spying Charges

Already in August 2020, Iranian intelligence forces identified and detained several spies linked to foreign espionage services.

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The deputy head of the Intelligence Ministry’s Counterintelligence Department announced at the time that five spy teams had been dismantled in the process and described the arrests as the latest in a series of blows dealt to the global “hegemonic system.”

Iran arrests Israeli spy, other spies in contact with several countries in East Azarbaijan Province

Press TV (@PressTV) April 5, 2021 At the time, Iran alleged that foreign intelligence officers, using various complex methods, were attempting to spy on Iran‘s nuclear, political, economic, military and infrastructure projects.

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They were operating under the auspices of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Israeli spy agency Mossad and those of some European countries implicated in recent espionage cases, intending to carry out acts of sabotage in Iran, intensify cruel sanctions against the country, prevent the Islamic Republic from acquiring modern know-how and damage Tehran’s relations with friendly states, the official noted