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Female Student Raped At Oracabessa High School

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Female Student Raped At Oracabessa High School

  A female student was raped at the Oracabessa High School in St. Mary on Monday afternoon.   The 10th grader was reportedly found unconscious inside a bathroom by other students.   Acting principal of Oracabessa High School Donovan Thomas confirmed the incident, telling Radio Jamaica News the matter is now “in the hands of the police”.    Mr. Thomas said administrators have been in dialogue with the student’s parents, the school’s board and the Education Ministry.   Sheldon Kidd, Councillor for the Oracabessa Division, has condemned the incident and called for the installation of security cameras at Oracabessa High School.   Mr. Kidd said he grieves with the student’s family, as he begged “any student, any staff member that knows about what has happened, [to] please, please, please tell the police”.   The councillor insisted that, had there been cameras, the perpetrators would have already been known.    The police are investigating the matter.